Building access cards are distributed upon occupancy as directed by the Tenant and approved and coordinated by Campus Management. Tenant will provide the Management Office with employee name and card information who are authorized to utilize Building 500 amenities after hours, weekends and holidays. We recommend that each access card is directly linked to one individual; cards should not be passed to fellow employees.

Should a card become lost or stolen, employees should contact their Corporate Services Office so the card can be de-activated. Tenant is responsible for providing timely updates on all access card changes.

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After Hours

Located next to the main entrance of the building and by the back loading dock entrance are proximity card access readers. Access cards should be utilized after building standard hours, all day on weekends and holidays to gain entry to the building.

Any time a tenant employee, guest, client or delivery personnel arrive at the building without an access card or prior written notification to Campus Management by the Tenant Contact, Security is not authorized to give access to tenant spaces. Management will contact a tenant representative to verify the need for access.

Campus Security is available to assist with after hour access with prior written notification from Tenant. These request shall be emailed to the Campus Management Office by 3:00 PM, the previous work day.

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Keys & Locks

Keys are given to a designated tenant representative in advance of your move. Key and lock work is available upon request and must be coordinated through the Campus Management Office. Please call or email the Campus Management Office to place a request, to obtain a price estimate, or if more information is needed. Additional keys are available through the Campus Management Office for a minimal charge.

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