If provided by Campus Management, cleaning services are provided between 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The Summit at Lantana’s cleaning contractor will perform general dusting of surfaces, removal of trash and recycle materials, general vacuuming, spot carpet cleaning, sweeping and mopping hard surfaces and cleaning of restrooms. Detailed vacuuming and dusting are performed on a periodic schedule.

The cleaning contractor provides base building cleaning services to our tenants. The cost of these base services is part of the services provided by the Landlord. Cleaning services over and above base building cleaning, such as microwave cleaning or dishwashing, can be performed by our cleaning contractor at the tenant’s expense.

Special cleaning requests should be coordinated through the Campus Management Office at (512) 279-4826.

Trash must be in a waste receptacle or clearly marked "Trash" or "Basura". Please DO NOT leave items that are not trash on top of or next to wastebaskets that might be misconstrued as garbage. DO NOT place trash in corridors or stairwells.

If a small cleaning problem should arise during working hours, such as a spill or trash that is in your way, please contact the Campus Management Office so we may dispatch a day porter to assist.

Recyclables: The Summit at Lantana offers single-stream recycling which allows tenants to mix office paper, newspaper, plastic, glass and aluminum cans into one bin. No sorting is necessary. Each evening, our janitors remove the recycle materials. Batteries may be recycled at the Campus Management Office or designated locations within your leased space.

Window Cleaning: The exterior windows are cleaned two times per year.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the cleaning services, please notify the Campus Management Office.

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The Summit at Lantana is equipped with passenger and service elevators for convenience and service.

Passenger Elevators
Schindler passenger elevators:
Door - 4' wide, 8' high
Weight Capacity - 3,500 lbs.

Service Elevator
Schindler service elevator:
Door - 4' wide, 8' high
Cab - 7'10" height, 5'9" wide, 7'10" depth
Weight Capacity - 4,500 lbs.

DO NOT use passenger elevators for moves or large deliveries.

Tenant shall notify Campus Management Office for use of the service elevator for a move and/or large deliveries so Management may place the elevator on independent service (key-operated to hold the doors open for prolonged periods) to minimize the chance of elevator damage or loss of elevator service.

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If the temperature in your office needs adjustment, please contact the Campus Management Office or submit a service request. Your request will be referred immediately to engineering personnel.

The standard hours of operation of the heating and air conditioning systems are generally 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday, unless specified differently within your lease. Special arrangements should be made for any HVAC needed outside of those hours listed within your lease.

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Mail Service

For more information about the mail service to your office, contact the U.S. Postmaster at (800) 274-8777.

The Summit at Lantana is served by the Oak Hill Post Office at the following address:

Oak Hill Post Office
6104 Old Fredericksburg Road
Austin, TX 78749
Phone: (512) 892-2794

FedEx drop box location:

Building 100 entrance - 6:00 PM pick-up time

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Pest Management

The Summit at Lantana follows the City of Austin’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan which is a common sense approach to managing pests. Building and grounds are monitored regularly, problems properly identified, severity considered, control options evaluated; and then, selected least toxic control(s) are implemented.

Main IPM Messages:

  • Accurately diagnose problems before considering any treatment
  • Use least toxic solutions when addressing exterior areas/grounds
  • Don’t apply exterior pesticides before a rain
  • Don’t kill every bug (95% of insects are not pests)
  • Use pesticides as a last resort
  • Always read and follow pesticide label instructions
  • Encourage beneficial insects

The Key Steps for IPM Program:

  • Inspect property for pest activity
  • If activity is identified, use professional judgment along with feedback from management and tenants to determine the level of risk
  • Select the least toxic method of control
  • Non-pesticide response
  • Level 1 pesticide response, specifically approved list of least toxic pesticides used according to product labeling
  • Level 2 pesticide response, used according to product labeling
  • All pesticide applications are recorded, tracked and available for record or inspection at any time
  • Where applicable, monitoring devices will be placed to assist in future monitoring of the pest population.
  • Results of the method of control will be evaluated on an ongoing basis and the program will be adjusted to meet the needs of the situation.

Pest Management, Inc. visits the campus every week to service the campus and to follow-up on any special request. Your building’s service day is as follows:

  • Buildings 100 & 500: 1st Wednesday of the Month
  • Building 200: 2nd Friday of the Month
  • Building 300: 3rd Friday of the Month
  • Building 400: 4th Friday of the Month

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Service Requests

We are here to serve you. The situation is best remedied when you contact us immediately, no matter how insignificant the issue or circumstance may seem.

Routine service requests may include:

  • Replacing building standard ceiling light bulbs
  • Adjusting the temperature
  • Replenishing restroom supplies
  • Reporting janitorial cleaning issues
  • Opening telephone rooms for your service companies
  • Troubleshooting and repairing building system problems such as leaking water, cracked windows, unusual smells or sounds
  • Providing additional keys at the customer’s expense
  • Repairing ceiling tiles

The following services are provided for an additional cost:

  • Installation of door closers, coat hooks, electrical outlets, additional light fixtures, additional locksets, etc.
  • Alterations or remodeling work
  • Replacement of non-building standard light bulbs

The Summit at Lantana staff will respond to service requests as quickly as possible.

Work order requests can be made in the following ways:

We prefer that all service requests be made through the web-based work order system so we may track the work order. All that is needed to access the system is an internet connection and an email address. There is no software to purchase or install and no computer upgrades required.

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Utility Infrastructure

The Summit at Lantana offers a robust utility infrastructure as follows:

  • Duel-feed electrical service to the site served by a dedicated 30 MVA transformer inside the Patton Lane Substation (PL-13) with dedicated underground feed to site and secondary overhead manual tie-in from Oak Hill Substation (OH-10).
  • Utilizes i-Grid, which is an innovative, web-based distributed power quality and reliability monitoring and notifications system, to monitor power quality to the site.
  • Utilizes SmarteBuilding energy management service to effectively manage tens of thousands of measurement points per building on a second-by-second basis, providing real-time energy consumption and analysis to management’s desktop, in an easy to understand, web-based format. Weather patterns influences energy consumption. The system is connected to the campus on-site weather station to trend how weather may be affecting demand.  The service is able to recognize anomalies and to send alerts via text to the management team.  This level of visibility and responsiveness enables greater building management capabilities and data-driven cost savings opportunities, especially for the buildings that do not fit into an Energy Star classification.
  • Campus emergency power distribution system supported by five (5) generators monitored by a series of automatic transfer switches to activate fire, life-safety equipment, egress lighting and campus communication system.
  • 7 watts per square foot available for tenant equipment
  • Chilled water system providing 24/7 cooling that is sub-metered based on tenant’s actual needs and usage

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Wire Connectivity

The Summit at Lantana offers the following telecommunications infrastructure:

Carrier Cable Type Network Type Cable Distribution
AT&T Fiber Type 1 Full Coverage
AT&T Cooper Phone Full Coverage
Granite Communications Copper Type 2 Direct to Tenant
Century Link Fiber Type 1 Full Coverage
Spectrum Fiber Type 1 Full Coverage
Spectrum Coaxial Phone or Cable Full Coverage

Key Features of Connectivity:

  • Choice available of 3 unique sources of high-speed connectivity.
  • Campus has 2 separate Points of Entry (East and South) for redundancy capabilities
  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS) throughout the campus to support cellular coverage for the following providers: AT&T | T-Mobile | Verizon | Sprint
  • The following ISPs fully distribute fiber throughout the campus to support ease of tenant access: AT&T | Century Link | Spectrum
  • MDF located in each building and inner connected between buildings
  • Telecom cables are kept in protected, secure risers throughout the building to minimize risk of damage.
  • Additional riser shaft space is available to support future needs of tenants and ISPs throughout the entire campus.
  • Public WiFi is proved by campus management to the Campus Common Areas.
  • Telecom equipment is located above grade to help prevent damages from flooding.
  • Management has documented agreements in place with carriers to support seamless and timely provision of services to tenants.

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