Go Green Initiatives

The Summit at Lantana participates in several "Go Green" initiatives around the campus including:

  • Utilize water harvesting system (rain water and HVAC condensate) in order to provide 10% of the total chiller water use and 100% total irrigation use
  • Maintain site and indoor water efficiency equipment, including dual flush toilets and low-flow fixtures
  • Continue use of all-native plants for landscaping as listed in the LBJ Wildflower Native Plant Database
  • Implement integrated pest management strategies that limit pesticide use
  • Offer commuter benefit infrastructure including bike racks, designated lockers in fitness center for cyclists, and reserved "Go Green" parking for carpools and fuel-efficiency
  • Maintain recycling and waste reduction efforts including composting of prep food waste, coffee grinds from coffee shop, cafe materials and offering single-stream recycling.